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  1. Email correo privado
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  3. " Notes for use of SSL with JavaMail

    JavaMail now supports accessing mail servers over connections secured
    using SSL or TLS. To simplify such access, there are two alternative
    approaches to enable use of SSL.

    First, and perhaps the simplest, is to set a property to enable use
    of SSL. For example, to enable use of SSL for SMTP connections, set
    the property "mail.smtp.ssl.enable" to "true".

    Alternatively, you can configure JavaMail to use one of the SSL-enabled
    protocol names. In addition to the non-SSL JavaMail protocols "imap",
    "pop3", and "smtp", the protocols "imaps", "pop3s", and "smtps" can
    be used to connect to the corresponding services using an SSL

    In addition, the "imap" and "smtp" protocols support use of the
    STARTTLS command (see RFC 2487 and RFC 3501) to switch the connection
    to be secured by TLS.

    Use of the STARTTLS command is preferred in cases where the server
    supports both SSL and non-SSL connections.

    This SSL/TLS support in JavaMail works only when JavaMail is used on
    a version of J2SE that includes SSL support. We have tested this
    support on J2SE 1.4 and newer, which include SSL support. The
    SSL support is provided by the JSSE package, which is also available
    for earlier versions of J2SE. We have not tested such configurations.

    -- STARTTLS support

    The STARTTLS support is available in the standard "imap" and "smtp"
    protocols, but must be enabled by setting the appropriate property,
    mail.imap.starttls.enable or mail.smtp.starttls.enable, to "true".
    When set, if the server supports the STARTTLS command, it will be
    used after making the connection and before sending any login

    -- Secure protocols

    When using the new protocol names, configuration properties must also use
    these protocol names. For instance, set the property ""
    to specify the host name of the machine to connect to when using the
    "smtps" protocol for SMTP over SSL. Similarly, to set the IMAP protocol
    timeout when using the "imaps" protocol for IMAP over SSL, set the property
    "mail.imaps.timeout". See the package documentation for the different
    protocol packages for the list of available properties, which are
    always set using property names of the form mail.
    Tags: , , , , by jmiguel (2012-09-20)
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